Monday, 16 October 2017

France ! Gallia! Le France!
If you've tried to guess what country was on the photo I posted later-here it is! As I said, I was in France 2 years ago. I am in love with its countryside, landscape and, of course, with the big city (Paris) lights. I've mentioned my bucket list, and in the first place undoubtedly is my lovely France. Today I'll talk exclusively about Paris.

Paris- the capital of fashion, right? Since I was there in 2016, I'm adding photos of Paris Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2016 and some more from that year. As you can see black coloured dresses and jackets were still dominant, same as red lipsticks. I believe, this kind of wardrobe will never leave our thoughts and eyes.

I do not put a significant amount of make up on my skin because all people around are telling me that I look nice without it. But sometimes I use just a little bit of make up and everytime I do this i feel more confident and pretty and beautiful to myself, am I right? Talking honestly, I'd like to try variety of make up brands, just can not afford all of them...But every time I will be giving a trial to the latest product in my little basket of make up-you'll find it here. So..going back to the subject I was talking about! Paris...In this photo you are now seeing the things that I still have from my trip:

  • First of all of course my hand cream. It was a limited edition cream, so I have to disappoint u guys and not to show any page where you can get it.
  • Second, my PEASE matte powder. You can easily found here:
  • Third, my lovely red lipstick. U can find it in every Douglas, Drogas shop or etc..
  • And lastly, the biggest and the best thing that I was with in Paris and am almost every day in my routine is PREGES bag. I have two of them. The second I'll show for u the next time. But here it is. For more you can find in

From my Paris experience, I was shocked how expensive clothes can be...But i guess for those women who buy such kind of purchase it's worth all the money and etc. I'm a more simple person. I bought one or two things and was as happy as never. Off topic: all photos, except those 3 with gorgeous stylish women, are taken by me.

Talking about visited places it is not even necessary to spread out about Eiffel Tower or The Louvre, because those buildings are the ones that everyone knows about. But I've been there and am so proud of myself. Just look at this beauty...

I hope you loved this article about my trip to Paris, France. Voltaire once said: 'God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.' Today I'm writing to you all and suggesting to visit this wonderful place, today you have to start living well! 
Kisses, Ema.