Saturday, 28 October 2017

Hey, beauties!

Today-no countries, cities or places to visit. Let's take a rest and feel a pleasure that Saturday is giving  us today. Weekend is two days in a row when a women can mostly concentrate to her beauty, how to express and embellish it. So, on this occasion I present you a box of beauty STILIUSBOX!

If you want the box, firstly you have to take a test based on your skin type, colour of your hair and etc...Then you get a call from STILIUSBOX and discuss the price, the products you like/need. And the last step is the easiest - waiting the box to reach you!

The price of the box is 29, but value of products in the box is about 60. To tell you the truth, it's a great deal, don't miss it!

It has a lovely pink packaging, but i bet that you're wondering what's in it! Here is the first look in the box. You can see a lot of goodness inside. I'll tell you more about each product below...!

1. So, the fist product is a beauty lipgloss by PAESE. Originally it costs 8,40€.

2. The next product would be a lifting foundation by PAESE. It's a lightweight and smoothing foundation for dry, tired and mature skin, medium coverage (I chose the product for my skin type, you can choose a different one). Vitamins A, C and E have antioxidant properties and improve colour of the skin. Originally it costs 17.

3.Clair brightening concealer by PAESE! Originally it costs 14,19

4.Next one is triple hyaluronic acid Serum by PAESE. Serum contains three types of hyaluronic acids, which action complement each other:
  • Super Low Molecular Weight acid increases the level of moisture within the skin.
  • Low Molecular Weight acid moisturizes the skin and increases the penetration of active substances.
  • High Molecular Weight acid forms a layer on the skin surface which prevents water evaporation.

Therefore the skin is well-hydrated from both inside and outside. I becomes smooth, firm, supple and elastic. It can be used to enrich creams and face masks, hair conditioners, body lotions. Originally it costs 19,50.

5. Finally, three free testers.

  • Lifting foundation. Lightweight and smoothing foundation.
  • Long cover fluid. Covering foundation with long-lasting effect.
  • Lush satin. Multivitamin brightening foundation.

To tell you the truth, i really loved this box. PAESE is ne of my favourite brands and when I heard that STILIUSBOX are making boxes full of these products, I decided that I must have it!
I hope you enjoyed this review.
Until the next time, beauties,
Ema <3
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  1. Replies
    1. Just click STILIUSBOX and you'll see their website! It's so worth to buy this!!!

  2. Now I have a new list of items to buy for my sister's coming birthday, though I'd like the lifting foundation to be priced lower. Anyway thank you for sharing with us.

  3. first of all, the packaging is so precious! And the products seem real nice!
    I'm checking out the box now :)

    1. That's cool! I hope you'll buy this, you won't regret!