Monday, 6 November 2017

Italy & France (again?)

Sum...Ema, Sanremo Italy 2017

YES YES YES, beauties, today I'm writing an article about a trip I had this summer. I went with my boyfriend from Lithuania to Italy. I was traveling by bus, because, it's obvious, that way is a lot cheaper! Due to the fact that bus was my vehicle during the trip, I went through significant amount of countries (Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic (about this country I'll tell you the next time), France and my destination of course was Italy). Roma is still in my bucket list, because during this trip I haven't reached it...Maybe next year. I know that in the last article you all read a little bit about France, but this country is not composed just of Paris..Today a bit of South France and a lot of Italy, let's get it started (yeah, right now I'm listening The Black Eyes Peas)!!!

ITALY, Milan

Milan Fashion Week Street Style 2017
So, you can guess that I was in Milan! I want to show you what I loved the most from Milan Fashion Week Street Style 2017. Colours, bright colours are everything! I noticed that black outfit is now replaced by red or orange colours more and more. I guess it's logic because each of us want to be noticed and by increasing courage in our society and by being bright it's easier to reach your purpose!

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, VOGUE 2017

"A girl should be two
things: classy and fabulous."

-Coco Chanel
Jonathan Daniel Pryce, VOGUE 2017

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, VOGUE 2017

I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot ! "

-Marlin Monroe

Denim is a perfect combination with everything. Watching 90's shows like FRIENDS it can be seen that even then denim was the main detail in most outfits. I'm glad this denim tradition is still here, don't let me down, go and buy denim clothes!!

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, VOGUE 2017

* Denim   Denim   Denim *

Sum...Ema, Milan Italy 2017
Talking more about Milan, I want to share the places I loved in there! I remember we ate in a restaurant and it was very good, it's too bad I don't remember title of it. But that's okay, there are lots of great places and most of their employees will be waiting for you in the streets with the best suggestion what to eat! So, there are three places I offer you to visit in Milan:

© 2011

1. II Duomo Cathedral. To me, if someone mentions Milan, before the eyes this Cathedral shows up! It is inseparable from Milan. That's may be the reason why I wanted to see this building first in the city!

© 2017

2. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: Luxury Shops and Elegant Cafés. That was an amazing view. I felt like I was in golden building, to tell you the truth, I was kind of embarrassed that I was not wearing some kind of pretty dress or, I don't know, a diamond necklace..But the whole emotion was priceless!

© 2016 Report.Az

3.Castello Sforzesco. From history I know that it was held by the Visconti and the Sforza families who ruled Milan at the time (13th-16th century). It was beautiful, it was. But I think I was expected more from it.

ITALY, Diano Marina, Genoa, Sanremo...

Sum...Ema, Diano Marina Italy 2017

Milan was just a quick stop. We lived in a small town of Italy called Diano Marina. There were an amazing plants, i loved palms exclusively! We lived near the sea and had a pool in a hotel, what can be better?!? But the prices were high, I think that was the only thing for us to complain about this little town, still, we liked it!

Sum...Ema, Sanremo Italy 2017
Also, we visited other gorgeous places in Italy (Soldano, Sanremo, Genoa). To tell you the truth, they were really alike. Each of them was beautiful, but considering the atmosphere in all of them i would say, that I loved Sanremo the most! We were sitting in some kind of bar in Sanremo and ordered drinks, we wanted snacks, but you know, we wanted to save money as well, so, we waited for our drinks, and you know what? The waitress was bringing the snacks. It turned out it was for free! That really surprised us and we were cheered up!

Sum...Ema, Genoa Italy 2017

So, look at the pictures from Italy and get movin' on the next 
country! Talking about Genoa, from the first view it was not bad, but then one guy wanted to fool us, he wanted our money...I felt really insecure at that moment. There were a lot of people who wanted to foist their products for us, that was not nice too. Plus the weather was ugly. To sum up, the afternoon in there was not as good as I imagined it would be...


Sum...Ema, Antibus Italy 2017

Sum...Ema, Antibus Italy 2017
Sum...Ema, Antibus Italy 2017

Okay, so, I was in Antibes, Eze, Cannes and Nice. Which city from them all made the greatest impression for me? I would say Cannes! When we were tourists in there, we got a lot of stuff for free, that was the most lovely detail. For example, we were invited to the Snapchat Ferris Wheel FOR FREE, we got free snacks and etc...Also, people were kind and helpful! I told to myself, I'll go back there in Cannes Film Festival one day!

Sum...Ema, Antibus Italy 2017
Sum...Ema, Antibus Italy 2017
Sum...Ema, Nica 2017

Samuel Johnson once said: "A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority."
I wish you all to have an opportunity to visit this place! I wish you all to find your fashion style that matches you. And I hope that my pictures from the summer warmed you up! I hope you won't freeze in this cold autumn. 
I send you a big virtual hug, 
Good luck,


  1. What an amazing trip! I would love to visit Italy and France. I never really considered Milan before but it looks amazing, especially all the fashion!

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